Custom made Rugs & Accessories made in Rockhampton QLD

Clermont Gold Cup Draft 13th-16th June 2019.

For the draft we asked to put together a small prize package. The Gold Cup has a lovely logo and a saddle pad is a fantastic way for an event to advertise itself and an even better way for a winner to show off their prowess with it written all over their prize. 

The Gold Cup logo is of course Gold and what better options than gold and navy. I knew I wanted the logo in leather, but we struggled at first to find an embroidery business that's machines where capable of the job. 

Trace of Redemption Leatherworks supplied the veg tan, Eagleshams Emerald the needlepower and Nikki Marshall the legs. 

And what a beautiful result on our 10mm pure wool felt pads. The pads are beautifully manufactured in Clermont by Redemption Leatherworks for Showdown. 

Unlike many pads on the market the are not just a big rectangle, but they are a contoured shaped. Contoured to shape onto your horse and with appropriate wither relief. 

I hope the winners are loving their new pads and flashing their accomplishments to the world.