Custom made Rugs & Accessories made in Rockhampton QLD

Sizing Guide


Rug fit is important, firstly to stop unnecessary rubbing and to increase your horses general comfort. An incorrectly fitting rug can rub your horse.  A correct fitting rug can also last longer on your horse, getting caught on less things in the paddock and hanging in a comfortable position not dragging. 

When measuring your horse consider their shape as well as their length.

Do they have a high wither, pointy hips, a narrow/pigeon chest, a straight shoulder or a high dock? If you are having rug fitting issues this could be why. 

Not every horse needs a custom rug made, but many need to be measured to check which size is best for them. 

Our rugs are custom made, we can work together to get the perfect fit for you.



When sending us measurements measure from the centre of the chest, 2 inches above the centre of the two descending pectorals. 

To above the dock. The black band at the rear of the rug should sit above the dock, taking advantage of all the satin we have added to protect your horses tail. If you choose to let the black band hang over onto the tail rubbing may occur. 




If you would like to measure to confirm sizing. You can measure from centre of bridle path to centre of throatlatch. 

XSmall - under 37cm is a custom make, you can order this by contacting us.

Small - 37cm - 40cm

Medium - 40cm - 44cm

Large - 44cm - 50cm

XLarge - 51cm is a custom make, you can order this by contacting us.