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Just Grazin Custom Haynets
Just Grazin Custom Haynets
Just Grazin Custom Haynets
Just Grazin Custom Haynets
Just Grazin Custom Haynets
Just Grazin Custom Haynets
Just Grazin Custom Haynets

Just Grazin Custom Haynets

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Reduce the risk of Ulcers, Colic & Choke

– Ulcers – As a horse chews they produce saliva which buffers the acid in the stomach. Feeding hay from a Just Grazin Custom Net® slow feed hay net means horses take smaller mouthfuls. They also chew for longer, producing more acid neutralizing saliva.
– Colic & Choke – Using a slow feed hay net means horses can only take small amounts of feed at a time, preventing them from gorging their food. Consumption is slowed therefore reducing the risk of colic and choke.

Improved Digestion/Health

– Using a Just Grazin Custom Net® slows down the amount of hay consumed per minute. Plus the nets mean hay can be on offer free choice 24/7 (if enough hay and nets are supplied) for continuous slow feeding.
– Allowing horses to eat continuously has metabolic and other health benefits. Providing food in just a few meals rather than spread out evenly can result in higher insulin responses to feeding. Horses with metabolic issues (Metabolic Conditions, Cushings, Insulin Resistance, Hypothyroidism & Laminitis) benefit when they eat small amounts on a continuous basis.

Decreases Boredom

– Horses spend longer consuming their hay when using a Just Grazin Custom Net®. This helps keep them occupied throughout the day. Which is especially important for those stabled or housed in small yards for long periods of time. Horses grazing from our nets have been noted to be more relaxed and happy. This feeling of wellbeing decreases the chance of horses developing stable vices ie cribbing, weaving etc
– We donated a hay net to a horse who had broken his knee in a freak paddock accident. Due to the severity of the injury he was on strict stable rest, in cross ties, while his leg was in plaster. His owner noticed a big change in his attitude once she started using our slow feed hay net. He became calmer, more settled, taking all day to eat his hay instead of just a couple of hours. While she can no longer compete with him, thankfully he is now paddock sound!

…..”I am loving these Just Grazin Custom Hay Nets – thank you so much. I have one with grassy hay, the other with lucerne, tied next to Dibby who has to remain cross tied in the stable with his leg cast on, and they are fantastic. Instead of just pigging out quickly on his hay and then standing for hours without feed before his next meal, I just load three big biscuits in each (room for more) and he is nibbling away constantly like a horse that is grazing rather than eating fast then having nothing left. There is always hay there for him and they are keeping him entertained as well. Great products and highly recommended!!”….. – Leanne Owens – Horses of Gold.

Less wasted hay

– Tired of your hay being spread around the paddock/stable, trampled and urinated on or simply blown away on those windy days. Using a Just Grazin Custom Net® keeps the hay contained, reducing waste and saving your money!

Simulates Natural Grazing

– Horses will naturally graze approx 18-20hrs a day. Unfortunately not everyone has access to large grassy paddocks, or horses who can be on pasture 24/7, due to laminitis etc. “Grazin” from our slow feed hay nets simulates natural grazing, which is beneficial to the horses mental and physical health.

May Improve Posture and Body Imbalance

– Sharon May-Davis “The Bone Lady”, is a renowned equine anatomist, therapist, biomechanics expert and lecturer. Sharon has presented case studies where the “hay-high” technique was used (along with other therapies and treatments) to rehabilitate injured horses. Feeding just one hay net per day, tied at approximately wither to poll height (dependent on each individual horse’s flexibility) encourages horses to stand square and use different postural muscles. A common myth is that horses reaching up to their feed will hollow their backs, however this is not the case. Unless the net is placed way too high. Stretching up and forward utilizes core muscles. Horses will naturally alternate between eating high and then low, picking up fallen hay from ground level. Owners have also reported hoof development improvement, esp with club feet, as well as improved straightness and self carriage. *Horses should not graze high for extended periods of time.

Reduce the risk of eye injury

– We’ve all seen our horses (or photos of horses) with their heads buried deep down inside a round bale. Apparently the hay always tastes better from the middle of the bale, haha. This is the prime time for an eye injury, with a piece of hay easily spiking into your horses eye. Using a Just Grazin Custom Net® prevents horses from getting their heads too far into their round bales.