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Series II Showdown Mesh

Pre-order our series II Showdown Mesh available in sizes 5'9" &  6'0" only. 

Brand new colour range that has never been available in Australia before. 

Colours are: Bubblegum, Caribbean, Charcoal, Cobalt, Iced Coffee, Sunrise & Fruit Tingle. 

Shipping in June. Limited stock. Picture is an indication only of what the product will look like. 

The Showdown Mesh Series II builds on the successful, strong, Showdown reputation of the original Mesh Rugs. We have designed the Series II for superior quality, outstanding longevity and personal service. Tried and tested, it is made from tough PVC Texshade mesh. The open weave breathes and polishes the coat. The Texshade protects against biting insects and rain scald. Finished off with UV protected binding, quality metal clips and buckles. These rugs are fully satin lined in the shoulders, neck and tail. Simply hose off and it's clean and ready to use. One of the toughest rugs that your equine friend will use. 

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